Light - Suspense - Death

architectural installation & video, 2007 (w/ Gensler+Gutierrez, Bosko Blagojevic)

Exit Art gallery, New York

Research documents being shown at La Celda Contemporanea, Mexico City; Kadist Art Foundation, Paris

Video Clips


Midway through construction, the war broke out. Suddenly there was no country, no government, no one to pay the bills, and certainly no need for a national parliament. The grand, clean contours of Louis Kahn's Bangladesh sangsad bhavan, and his messy, anonymous death in Penn Station men's room from a disease picked up on his last trip-- ---- suspended between two polarities is a third story. Our structure synthesizes Kahn's linguistic apertures: geometry/light/raw material. The wall hybridizes the geometric filigree and monumentality in the Dhaka project by registering defiance of material assumptions. Heavy concrete/polymer fiber slabs, suspended by cables and reflecting a text weave, notate many unstable registers.