Penn Station Kills Me

architectural installation & video, 2007 (w/ Gensler+Gutierrez, Bosko Blagojevic)

Exit Art gallery, New York

Research documents shown at La Celda Contemporanea, Mexico City; Kadist Art Foundation, Paris

Video Clips


Two of the most significant such projects were in Israel and Bangladesh (then Pakistan). In Israel, Kahn's "Memorial to the Six Million Jewish Martyrs" joined the Jerusalem synagogue as an unfinished project, but Daniel Liebeskind's later design carried many strands of it. In 1968, tensions between the two wings of Pakistan were at boiling point. Anxious to preserve national unity, military dictator Ayub Khan commissioned Kahn to build a central complex in Dhaka that would be the capital and administrative center. But while Kahn's grand project was going on, political reality overtook these ambitions. "When the war was on everybody said, stop working because we don't know what's going to happen, we don't know if there is going to be a government after this, and you're not being paid."