Quiz Questions at Dhaka's Le Saigon Cafe

Micro-surveillance project with Michikazu Matsune

Journal BOL, Korea

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For Journal BOL's special issue in "Vietnam and US", Michikazu and I responded with this accidental surveillance project. Rana Dasgupta's brilliant book "Tokyo Cancelled" was the prop used to hide the camera. All accident, no planning.

A week later I returned to Dhaka to find that the ultra-tony Le Saigon cafe had started a nightly quiz program called "Vietcong Helmet Quiz" (on other nights it had other names). I was recruited into joining the corporate quiz team lead by Bitopi, Bangladesh's largest ad agency (they just launched Blackberry in Dhaka). The team's name appropriately enough, was AMNESIA. We lost miserably, and I flubbed every single Vietnam question.