Disappeared In America

artist collective: video, digital print, installation, flash, 2004-2006 (w/ Visible Collective)

Visible Collective/Naeem Mohaiemen work on projects that look at hyphenated identities and security panic. The majority of detainees in recent paranoia times are from the invisible underclass - shadow citizens who drive taxis, deliver food, clean tables, and sell fruit, coffee, and newspapers. The only time we "see" them is when we glance at the license in the taxi partition, or the vendor ID card. When detained, they cease to exist in the consciousness. The impulse to create an insider-outsider dynamic with "loyalty" overtones has a long pedigree: WWI incarceration of German-Americans; 1919 detention of immigrants in Anarchist bomb scare; WWII internment of Japanese-Americans; execution of the Rosenbergs; HUAC "red scare"; infiltration of Deacons For Defense and Black Panthers; and the rise of the Minutemen.